I forgot to take a picture before I started eating but yes susHI :’D

I forgot to take a picture before I started eating but yes susHI :’D

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so about that ‘one sexual orientation’ reveal


here’s the thing. i’m someone who generally, liberally gives the benefit of the doubt, and i certainly won’t be making any definitive judgments about dragon age 3 based on cryptic interviews given about certain game mechanics months before the game’s actual release. if the plan for inquisition is to have romances that are straight only, gay only, bisexual only, an even mix of both… well, that system has its merits and it has its drawbacks, and i can’t possibly know until i’ve seen that implemented in-game what those are.

but the concern i have is real—because when it comes to the possibility that harmful stereotypes about what should constitute gay, straight, or bisexual characteristics will be reinforced… like, i mean, who’s to say what ‘makes’ someone gay or straight or bisexual? what stigmas are going to be attached to these characters—subconsciously or consciously—based on present-day stereotypes? will the straight romances be given more weight and content than the others? 

obviously we have NO IDEA what the answers to these questions are going to be yet. i just feel like, for a video game that’s about exploring player-generated content and experiencing complex, multi-directional gameplay, and also for a video game that has like dragons and talking trees and magical sex taint babies, implementing restrictions based on what’s ‘realistic’ is a tricky thing.

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You lucky duck!

my dad’s not fond of seafood (how are we related) but I’ve finally convinced him to try it after I gave him a couple of my salmon bits after last time I went and he’s buying 8D

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I wish there was like two words for shipping to differentiate between “I want these two to get married and to love each other forever” and “the dynamic between these two characters is interesting as hell its kinda fucked up but i want to read about it” 

hey body if you could maybe fuck off with the aching joints and cold symptoms and everything three days before I’m going on a trip that would be awesome


I burn like 2000 calories everytime i put my bed sheets on by myself

Nottingham is a wee bit far from London but I hope you have a wonderful few days! (*whispers* and also maybe get a tattoo)

I’ve been to London more times than any other (not-home) city so I doubt I’ll have any problems enjoying myself :D Thanks!

Hmmmm… I suppose Illinois is just a bit too far huh?

yeah there’s that pesky atlantic ocean in the way and everything

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speaking of europeans… not really

I’m going to London this weekend and I’m staying with dorianpavus, but she has more important things to do than entertain me 100% of the time so I was wondering if I have any other followers living in or near London who would be up for hanging out? :3



Who wants to have a European sleepover from 7th-10th October so we can force each other to avoid spoilers and not chew our nails off with the anxiety of knowing that other people in the world are currently playing DA:I??


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what about dreamwidth or something?

"The different types of sexual orientation of the different kinds of characters around you is also more complex than in previous games."


I know everyone is thinking that this is just implying that there are no more “playersexual” characters.  Personally I think that this means BioWare is completely revamping each players romantic preferences.  What does that mean?  The way Cameron Lee said it was odd and I think he was implying something bigger.  I think it might mean that characters will have more specific romantic tastes.  For example, Varric will only be romanceable to dwarves, or there will be homosexual only romances.  By becoming more specific, this may also mean that we will be having more romance options. I am not saying everyone is romanceable, but maybe most of our followers will be (8-9/12 maybe?).  

BioWare knows that the majority of its fans want full LGBT representation.  They have stated repeatedly that about half of it’s players are female and only a small vocal minority bitch about “playersexual” romances.  I don’t think that BioWare would specifically shaft it’s homosexual and bisexual players just for giggles and to appease that minority.

If BioWare is removing “playersexual” romances, it will be to create more in depth romances.  It won’t just be say xyz and you can take me anywhere you want.  Like real people, your LI will have to find a physical and emotional attraction to you.  Do I think that BioWare will be able to do it perfectly?  I am skeptical but I will give them the benefit of a doubt.  Screaming before it is released does no one good and it angers the devs.  There is no rehashing the whole game now, so until we see it, there is nothing we can really do except hope for the best.